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Descendants of Holodomor Victims – their families’ voice

HOLODOMOR – to kill by starvation – defines a horrific tragedy in the history of mankind: the genocide committed against the Ukrainian people by the Soviet regime in 1932 – 33 as authorized by its leader Josef Stalin.  Apologists of totalitarian dictators would have you believe that what occurred in Ukraine in the years of 1932-33 was a famine of large proportion due to a drought.  And for decades, information about the HOLODOMOR was repressed and denied by the Soviet regime despite eyewitness accounts by Western diplomats and journalists.   Current estimates based upon an analysis of recently revealed Soviet census data suggest, “that no fewer than ten million men, women and children perished”; 10 million people who died from forced starvation during a period of abundant harvest in their homeland, a country known as the Breadbasket of Europe.

Stalin’s plan, while killing a large portion of the Ukrainian population who resisted his Soviet totalitarian rule, also resulted in millions of innocent people suffering the horrors of starvation but surviving.  These were the heroes of that time who lived to tell their descendants the truth that most of the western world was unwilling to acknowledge at the time.  Their perseverance and commitment to share their eyewitness accounts has led to current widespread recognition of the 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine, for what it was, a genocide against the Ukrainian Nation.  But the work is not finished and taking up the mantle of the Holodomor Survivors are their Descendants.  The descendants will be a personal and never-ending voice for the Holodomor victims, continuing to share the personal accounts of their ordeal.


  • Create a personal and perpetual voice for familial stories through a network of generations of Holodomor Descendants
  • Ensure knowledge of the facts of the Holodomor are known globally
  • Keep alive and Honor the memory of those millions of innocent Ukrainians who suffered and/or died at the hands of Stalin’s regime who starved a nation

Descendants Network Affilliations:

  • Sub-Committee of the US Committee for Holodomor Famine-Genocide Awareness
  • Member of Holodomor Descendants Network of the Ukrainian World Congress


We call on all Descendants of Holodomor victims living in the United States to add your voice to voice and support to awareness/commemoration initiatives.  The information provided will be maintained strictly for Holodomor initiatives and will not be shared with third parties without your prior consent.

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