Why Donate

The U.S. Holodomor Committee is a volunteer-based organization that works to promote awareness of the Holodomor, Stalin’s famine-genocide that deliberately murdered millions of Ukrainians in 1932-1933.

The work of the Committee includes the following objectives:

  • Help organize local, national, and international events honoring the victims of the Holodomor
  • Provide educators and community leaders with fact-based resources for teaching the Holodomor
  • Support artists and cultural events that seek to honor the victims
  • Build awareness of the Kremlin’s information war past and present that seeks to cover-up and/or downplay the atrocities of Stalin’s genocide-famine in Ukraine
  • Promote genocide awareness and education in the hope that such crimes never happen again especially with the complicity of powerful governments and the media

Make a tax-deductible donation to help support our efforts. As the world faces a fake news epidemic, understanding history, especially the rise of authoritarianism and propaganda warfare of the early 1930s, has never been more important.